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Course Information 2016

Project-based Pattern Cutting and Garment Construction - Course Information

Beginners and Intermediate Students

The classes offer you an opportunity to learn pattern cutting and garment construction in a mixed ability project-based workshop group.

Based on you initial and developing abilities, you will be encouraged to learn how to take a design idea, draft the pattern and sew the finished garment. All projects will be based on one-to-one discussions with the tutor.

The following gives an indication of how projects could progress.

Beginners to pattern cutting will start with simple project, based on your own body measurements - for example, starting with a simple wrap-around gender-neutral skirt. This would include:

  - converting your body measurement to the flat pattern paper
  - use of set square and metre ruler to draft a pattern
  - adding seam allowances, grain lines and cutting instructions
  - using the pattern to cut the fabric
  - assembling the fabric pieces and sewing a finished garment

As you progress you can develop your own project ideas (e.g. a pencil skirt) either by making a block to your own size or using an industry standard size 12 block. Building on the above skills you would:

  - learn how to change the silhouette of the skirt
  - manipulate darts
  - add details - yokes, pockets, flare, pleats etc.

A next stage project could, for example, be a simple shape jacket/top with sleeves. Building on pattern drafting techniques learnt in the first skirt project, this would in addition include:

  - designing and drafting necklines and simple collars
 - adding front fastenings, buttons or zips with facings
 - drafting a sleeve band or cuff

Further bodice and sleeve projects would involve making a block to your own size or using an industry standard size 12 block enabling design variations to be constructed around the essential body shape.

A simple shape trouser project would follow a similar path.
Students who have acquired the above skills or coming to the class with previous pattern cutting experience will be able to discuss and work on more personal projects.

All Students
Projects worked on in the class room can be sewn at home or you can bring your own sewing machine to the class
Students are encouraged to work on their projects at home during the week.
All personal work and equipment must be taken home at the end of each class as there is no storage space and no responsibility can be taken for any items that are left behind.

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